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Mark Rylands

Mark Rylands The Peoples Psychic who travels all over the UK carrying out readings, events, functions, training, healing and helping others plus raising money for charity via TV, Media or confidentially in peoples homes.

Telephone number: 07943 098 904

Mark Rylands is a gifted and experienced Psychic Medium who was born and raised in Poole, Dorset.

Since the age of just 5 years old he has seen and heard things that cannot be explained.

His first experience at the age of 5 he witnessed eyes all around his bedroom which carried on for months. He was scared and confused and when he tried to seek understanding from his family he felt like he didn’t receive any support. This left Mark emotionally vulnerable at a young age leaving him to figure things out on his own.

His second experience occurred at about 10 years old one day whilst visiting a friend. He needed to use the bathroom and without explanation he already knew the layout of the house. Again, Mark could not explain this as he had never stepped foot inside the house. This started to occur on a much more regular basis, especially with properties and new friends.

As a child this can be traumatic, and to add to Marks distress he lost his Mum at the age of 5 to cancer and grew up with an absent father. Luckily his Grandmother stepped in to take care of him but again he did not receive much support regarding his visions and experiences.

After an unstable upbringing Mark made close friends as a support network and at the age of around 20 he suffered yet another loss of his closest friend Bruce to suicide.  Mark felt he had already suffered enough losses in his life but this just added further to his grief. The losses didn’t end there though.

Mark married in November 2010 and in the beginning months of 2011 his wife announced she was expecting a child. Mark was overjoyed and thought luck was finally on his side as he already had 3 beautiful children and a fourth would just complete his family. Sadly though, in July 2012 his wife was rushed to hospital with pains and shortly after the news came that his baby boy had passed away. As the baby was nearly full term, it came under the category of “still born” and Mark watched his wife struggle to give birth to a child knowing he was deceased and would never bond or watch him grow.

Mark was trying to find an understanding to all his visions, experiences, losses and bad luck to deal with his grief and decided one day he would seek out a Psychic Medium to try and answer some unanswered questions. This is when he realised people with such a gift are hard to find. In one week, as if it was fate, 5 Psychic Mediums became readily available and in to his life. One evolved into a very close friend of Mark’s named Terry from Somerset stuck by him from the first day of meeting and built an unbreakable bond helping Mark with his training and understanding. Mark was then able to build on this further but he will always be grateful to Terry for that initial help and continuous friendship.

Shortly after meeting Terry, on the exact date his son was due to be born, he stopped breathing at home and his wife had to call an ambulance. He was rushed in to ICU and flat lined a couple of times. The doctors could not explain why this was happening as all observations and initial tests were normal. Mark describes seeing an Eagle circling above him, a white dove nearby and a unicorn charging towards him. He also felt out of his body and was watching everything that was going on around him, totally at peace. Then as if from nowhere he felt a forceful shove and he started to breath normally again. The same day Mark was discharged from hospital without any understanding or explanation from medical professionals. To this day he does not know what happened and has not experienced any further ill health.

From that moment onwards, all experiences that had previously occurred started to come through on a much stronger level and Mark was now able to connect fully and instantly at his command with spirit using a variety of ways.